Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's Kislev! Come along for a spin!

The Hebrew month of Kislev has arrived. What does that mean? Let the dreidel making begin!

I'd like to take you on a tour of dreidel making ideas. There will be five stops on our dreidel tour, from the traditional dreidel to dreidels perfect for the scientist in your family. So pack your creativity and your gelt and come along. If you decide to try one, please take a photo and send it to me and I'll share your creation here. And be sure to leave a comment below with your dreidel stories, memories, or ideas. The best stories and ideas will win (what else?) a golden dreidel!

Click on the titles of each dreidel for more photos and complete directions.

#1: The Super Fast Dreidel from Martha Stewart

These dreidels are perfect for spinning contests, or to decorate your Chanukah table. Without sides, these dreidels won't work for the traditional dreidel game, so instead have a spinning contest.  Choose your favorite Chanukah song (I like Sivivon Sov Sov Sov) start the dreidels spinning, and see how far you can get in the song (singing fast is allowed) before the dreidels fall. 

#2:  The Hovercraft Dreidel from Matzo Ball Soup
Gather an old cd, a balloon, and a water bottle to create this science experiment turned dreidel of the future.  It doesn't spin, and it doesn't land on a particular letter, but it does make for lots of fun! It may even become the beginnings of your next science fair project.

#3:  The Recycled Dreidel from Family Fun Magazine
For the environmentally conscious, this dreidel is made from an empty milk carton.  After you track down a school kid who's finished his milk, the rest is easy.  Follow the step by step instructions to build and letter your dreidel, then start spinning.  This lightweight dreidel spins easily and is perfect for playing the traditional dreidel game.

#4:  The Classic Wooden Dreidel from GeltDesigns
If you have a little time and a few tools, this dreidel is for you.  The solid wooden body will last for years, the button spinner, if glued on correctly, spins well, and it can be decorated with markers, paint, pens, cut paper, stickers, or any other materials you have around the house.  If you want to hold a dreidel beauty contest, choose this dreidel, gather lots of supplies, and get creative.

#5:  The Origami Dreidel from OrigamiShawn
The last stop on our tour takes us to the workshop of OrigamiShawn, whose young and skillful hands show us how to craft a long spinning dreidel using nothing but a few pieces of paper.  Constructing this dreidel is only for the brave, patient few, but the nine minute video can be enjoyed by all.  Watch those hands go!  Do as Shawn advises and spin this dreidel right on the floor.

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