Thursday, February 2, 2012

Excercising our Minds & Bodies

The children of TBSCC are movers and moving!  I have the privilege of moving with all the Children's Center children.  We have a chance to solidify some of the learning concepts from the kinesthetic realm - we are having so much moving fun!  We "warm up" together - learning about our body parts and all the many ways they can move from head to toe, recognizing all the connections between the bones, muscles, and breathing; time, space and force (fundamentals of dance and movement in its many forms).  Each participant has a chance to lead the group finding their own way of moving across the room.

We have explored:  lines, circles, balance, qualities of  force:  floating to strong pushing or pulling with strength (defying gravity), spacial: personal space and communal space, stretching and contracting, expanding and narrowing, focusing; and time: rhythmic drumming, fast - slow, impulsive - smooth.  We took a journey to outer space and a magic carpet ride and experienced the individual uniqueness of a snowflake.  The children exercise their bodies, their minds and their senses are stimulated and articulated, and then we recenter ourselves to adapt again to the classroom energy, space and pulse.

Next week will be TuB'Sh'vat and we will act out growing as in the Giving Tree.  We are so blessed with such creative, imaginative, and developmentally exceptional children!  I love how they work together enriching our experiences.

Nancy Kreiger aka Dancing Nancy

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