Saturday, March 31, 2012

Family Activities for Passover

Involving your whole family in the preparations for Passover will help create memories and build Jewish life skills. Finding jobs and tasks that are age appropriate for family members will allow them to successfully participate in and contribute to the Seder and holiday preparations. Publicly acknowledging the contributions of each family member helps develop confidence and self-esteem.

10 Ways to Involve Your Family in Passover Preparations

1. Cleaning the house and getting rid of the chametz (leavened products)
2. Finding special Passover recipes
3. Writing the shopping list
4. Preparing the food for the Seder or the Seder plate
5. Setting the table
6. Making decorative place cards
7. Learning the Four Questions in Hebrew and/or English
8. Hiding the Afikoman
9. Finding the Afikoman
10. Sharing in the reading and discussion of the Haggadah before, during and after the Seder

From the Jewish Parent Page of the Union for Reform Judaism

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