Monday, September 10, 2012

Our TBS Chavurah

When I was first asked to compose a few paragraphs describing our Chavurah* Experience over the past 2 years, I was unsure of what to write. Should I simply mention the shared dinners, excursions to Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Needham for enlightenment and enjoyment together as well as our sacred time at the temple?

Then one member suggested a group photo, a moment that, I was thinking, would clarify the special relationship our four couples continue to develop. I am thrilled that the Selichot Dinner, Learning, and Service last evening provided me/us once again with the opportunity to spend time with these dear, although recently made, friends.

We share some obvious facets of life’s journeys = we are all post – 60 years of age and share a deep love of Judaism and Temple Beth Shalom. Still, meeting the first time was a bit awkward; forging new friendships in the autumn of one’s life may not be as easy or comfortable as meeting new acquaintances in our younger years. However, from the time we first met for dinner at the Weinberg’s home in 2010, there were intertwining kindred spirits especially due to the apparent and appreciated candor and care of this newly created group. We have not only shared these positive times, but also opened our arms to one another during the unhappy moments of the illnesses and deaths of elderly parents and beloved friends. We have shared the triumph and wonder of the birth of a grandson and the burgeoning career of a daughter. Together we have examined beautiful creations of Judaica and Art while some have listened to Oldies on the Boston Esplanade. Two husbands have spent work day lunch times together after discovering the Cambridge proximity of their workplaces. Even summer afternoons swimming together have added more layers to our ever growing bonds of friendship.

As the New Year Season returns once again, each couple has expressed a keen interest in finding more opportunities to learn and play together. Looking at our photo from Selichot, you may not notice the subtleties – one woman’s hand lightly and sweetly placed on another woman’s hand or the genuine camaraderie and glowing warmth among our eight Chavurah members. We are no longer strangers; in fact, we are proud and pleased that we have taken this important step in our middle years to expand and extend ourselves through the true meaning of Chavurah.

No matter in what stage of life you find yourself, consider taking this courageous and fulfilling plunge through membership in a Chavurah.

Cheryl Weisman-Cohen

*The word chavurah means a group of friends. In this program, people that sign up are matched to other families/couples from the temple to spend time with, either at temple programs or outside of the temple. It's a way to make the community smaller and more friendly. Interested in joining a Chavurah? Look for registration materials this fall. (For more information, contact Jenny Small, Co-Chair of Member Relations, 781-559-3153 or

At Selichot services on September 8, 2012
back row = Bob Lurie, Marc Weinberg, Michael Cohen, Neil Kushner
front row = Ann Lurie, Judy Weinberg, Cheryl Weisman-Cohen, Roz Kushner


  1. What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing it!

  2. What a great group of special souls!
    May your chavurah continue to flourish and may others be inspired to create chavurot of their own.