Wednesday, April 10, 2013

(Zechor) Remember by Nancy A. Golden

Nancy A. Golden is a member of Temple Aliyah and a Needham resident. She read the following poem at Yom HaShoah services on Sunday evening, April 7, 2013. The service was a community memorial, co-led by Cantor Gaston Bogomolni (Temple Aliyah), Cantor Marcie Jonas and Rabbi Jay Perlman.

Zechor - Remember
     The days and deeds of all times past,
The hopes and dreams of what will be,
     So what has been can last.

The essence of what we were
     can thrive in what we do
To keep our memories alive
     Each generation through.

In pogroms and ghettos to concentration camps
     We prayed "G-d grant us another day or year"
We fought with faith, and blood, and tears
     To keep traditions we hold dear.

What happens when Holocaust witnesses
     Have had their final day?
Who will keep in perpetuity
     The essence of dear lives snuffed away?

As we tell of our joys and sorrows,
     Of accomplishments and strife,
"Zecher" remains the only link
     That wills our people to survive.

With unbroken spirit, heavy hearts,
     The shedding of our tears,
We, who live, are the messengers
     Insuring future years.

"Zechor" - Remember
     The days and deeds of all times past,
Is our responsibilitty
     So six million memories will last!

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