Saturday, March 12, 2011

Purim is coming!

One of the highlights of my role as the Director of Early Childhood Education at TBS is that I get to watch the anticipation of each holiday as it unfolds.  Purim is still a week away, yet everywhere I look I see signs of preparation for a joyful day of celebration.   

Shalach manot (gifts to friends) packed and ready to distribute.  Children are making them to exchange with each other, to distribute to the elders in the Needham community, and for the people around TBS who help us each day.

Crowns being made.  The classrooms are already filled with every variety of sparkly king, queen, prince, and princess.

Masks lined up, ready to tell the story.  Imaginations are in full swing as the children take on the roles of the evil Haman and Queen Esther the heroine.  This is better than a fairy tale!

Joyful dancing and singing fills the halls.  Parading around the building one day and practicing dance moves the next.

Making noise!  Children are experimenting with how to make enough noise to drown out Haman's name.  The fill various containers with beans, buttons, and bird seed.  Which combination will make the most noise.  Look at that face!  This science experiment is pure joy to a young child.

And trays filled with tasty looking hamentaschen. The sweet scent fills it air.  

Purim is almost here!  Chag Purim Sameach!  Happy Purim!

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  1. The hamentaschen look delicious! Great that we are appealing to every sense with this holiday... What an abundance of joy...