Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tips for Surviving Your Older Sibling's Bar Mitzvah by Temple Member Shayna Tribush

Ed. Note: The following essay was written by TBS Member Shayna Tribush for her weekly sharing at the Rashi School. We present it here as a "survivor's guide" for the younger sibling. Much congratulations to Shayna's sibling, Rylan, on the celebration of his becoming Bar Mitzvah, and to the entire Tribush family.

The photo is of another younger sibling at TBS "surviving" the celebration of his older brother's becoming Bar Mitzvah.

I know a family bar mitzvah can be hectic for the younger child, but I can tell you how to get through with style!

  • Tip #1: Always have a book on hand. As soon as the family starts bickering open it up and begin reading.
  • Tip #2: Stay out of the way and try not to be more of a distraction. This will make sure that you don't get into trouble. Warning for fellow troublemakers, this might be hard.
  • Tip #3: Tell the sibling that they are doing a good job even when they are really not. SHHHHHHH!
  • Tip #4: When mom says she needs to go to Starbucks, let her go because she really needs it.
Hopefully using these four tips will help you survive this stressful, but insanely fun event.

- Shayna Tribush, Grade 3

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